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Menzies Campbell: "We Can Cut Crime"

Tue 23rd Jan 2007

Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell has announced the launch of the "We Can Cut Crime" campaign and unveiled his five steps for a safer Britain.

Take Part in NO2ID's Big Opt Out

Thu 23rd Nov 2006

A national launch of a campaign by the pressure group NO2ID is taking place at Imperial College in South Kensington on Wednesday 29th November.

Lib Dems Accuse Tories of Exporting Edenham Elderly

Mon 9th Oct 2006

The Kensington and Chelsea Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservative-controlled Borough Council of embarking on a policy which will see the elderly residents of Edenham Care Home "exported" to other Boroughs.

The Green Tax Switch

Sun 11th Jun 2006

Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell MP has unveiled plans to protect and improve our environment with a major "green tax switch".

Lib Dems Enjoy Strong Result Across Kensington & Chelsea

Fri 5th May 2006

The final results of the Borough Elections on 4th May saw the Conservatives keeping control of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea council and the Liberal Democrats pushing Labour into third or fourth place in the following wards: Abingdon, Campden, Colville Courtfield, Earls Court, Holland, Pembridge, Queens Gate, Redcliffe, Royal Hospital and Stanley.

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